Here are some of the services and solutions I provide.

Isadora Consultancy

Do you have a project that needs a helping hand? I am here to help.

I offer personal Isadora support and guidance. I have worked with a huge amount of people (sometimes discreetly) to help them realise a project.

I offer a flexible service that is tailor-made for your needs.

Isadora Training

I have trained so many people over the years that Isadora training has become second nature. As a qualified Higher Education lecturer, I am able to adapt and explain complex Isadora tasks in many ways.

This can be one-to-one, to a group or both. Please contact me to discuss.

Custom Video Content

Do you need a custom composition? Not sure how to go about it? I can do this for you in a wide variety of software.

Maybe you need a corporate animation? An animated music video? Need some VJ loops? Or perhaps you have got an After Effects template that you need help with? I am here to help.

Interactive Design

Do you need to bring something to life for an event? Want to make it interactive and don't know how? I use Microsft Kinects, conductive paint, PIR sensors and all sorts of weird and wonderful things to bring ideas to life.

I can provide motion tracking, colour tracking, skeleton tracking, trigger zone solutions to name just a few.

Projection Mapping

Do want to projection map a building or object?

I can help with the full workflow from Concept to Delivery.

I have worked on many projection mapping projects from snowy outdoor conditions in Helsinki to fashion shows and corporate affairs.

[Click on the image to find out more about Zarah Hussians projection mapping project.]