About Me

Course Leader. Lecturer. Consultant. Husband. Dad. DJ. 

By day, I work at The Academy of Live Technology on-site at Production Park.

I lecture on various topics; Projection Mapping, Custom Content, Real-time visual effects, Motion Tracking, Generative Content, Interactive Design and workflows. 

Covering software and Hardware such as Photoshop and After Effects, Notch, Isadora, Resolume, Unreal Engine 5, Twin Motion, Blender, disguise (d3), Green Hippo, HIVE, Avolites A.I/Prism and many more interactive systems and software programs. 

By night/weekends, many people know me under the alias of Skulpture or VJ Skulpture. I work on interactive media, video mapping, custom content, and other interactive/motion tracking systems.

I also work as a consultant for any specific problems you may have. 

Drop me a message!